Entry 96: Windows

Photo taken in Sorá, Panama

Photo taken in Sorá, Panama

“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”

- Ernest Hemingway

Do you drive with the windows down?

There is something so freeing about driving home after a long day with the wind ripping by. For this reason, it always amazes me how many people drive with their windows up, even on a beautiful day. Can somebody give me a reason why, because as far as I can tell there is no reason other than requiring something physical to separate you from the outside world.

Who needs a bubble when you can stick your hand out the window and glide all the way home? I look at people with their windows up and wonder what we are hiding from, why we want to experience the day from inside the glass.

Though I may drive with the windows down, I still find ways to shield myself. The person who deserves the real recognition is the guy with his windows down dancing and singing to his favorite song. He experiences life, no glass required. Me, I find myself turning down the music at stoplights and quietly whispering the words to the song when I really want to be singing. All the sudden I am shielding myself from the world because it allows me to be seen through the lens of composure and control.

To the guy who stays in his raw form, I salute you. You probably look at me in the same way as I look at people with their windows up. You know I was singing my heart out at 50 miles per hour but went quiet as soon as I slowed. You wonder why I stop, shielding myself from judgement and people I may never see again.

Do you keep the windows up?

Humans were meant to live in their raw form, proud of their personality. How you live defines your existence. When you shy away from who you deny that version of yourself.

When we talk with children we always make sure to emphasize how special they are. We believe it for them, but we forget to believe it ourselves. We fail to distinguish ourselves and lead by example, speaking something we do not believe. This world needs more people who sing with their windows down. These are the ones who lead by doing, showing what it looks like to be special.Maybe you aren’t the type of person to sing in the car, but I’m sure you still find yourself shielding your personality.

The most interesting thing to me is how often we celebrate people who aren’t guarded. For whatever reason, we think they are special, different from ourselves. We love how unique they are and how they stand out from the crowd. Of course, we could never be like that, we aren’t interesting/exciting/cool enough. Not true. The only difference is that we don’t see them through a lens. They have their windows down and they don’t whisper when they really want to sing.

How do you want to experience life? My guess is that you want to be seen in your raw form. It takes courage to show off your true self. When you are 100% you it can’t be taken back. You won’t get to say you were only kidding or lost in a temporary lapse. Being 100% requires a type of honesty that can be uncomfortable. You’ll have to commit, distinguishing yourself and discovering that you are still as different as you were told as a child. You’ll have to sing with the windows down.