Entry 86: More than Fine

Photo taken at Matamata, New Zealand

Photo taken at Matamata, New Zealand

Location: Matamata, New Zealand

How many of us have the tendency to temper ourselves? Perhaps we do it naturally without even thinking. In order to explain, allow me to ask you a question. When you woke up this morning and prepared to do whatever it is that you do, what was your state of mind? Were you annoyed that you had to go to work? Were you excited? More likely you were just ‘meh.’ Today was another day.

I am equally guilty, but why do we do this? In all honesty, we have no idea what the day will hold and that in and of itself is kind of exciting. Nevertheless, many of us remain unmoved. How’s the day going to go? Probably fine…

Unfortunately, I’ve caught myself taking this one step further. In November of 2015, I prepared to realize an exciting dream with mellowed temperance. I made an actual effort to tell myself that this day would probably not be as exciting as I thought it could be. On this day, I was visiting Middle Earth, and more specifically, The Shire.

As a massive nerd for Lord of the Rings, this should have been a pretty big deal. For whatever reason, though, I felt a need to tell myself that today would be just fine, not great mind you, fine. After all, I wouldn’t want to get too excited and end up disappointed.

How often, on an average day, do we unconsciously tell ourselves the day will be… fine? Most likely, there are a few too many days when we don’t have to. We need to shake off this temperance, this muted version of our own personalities.

Fortunately, on this day in Middle Earth, my calmed emotions fell away from me as I ran through the rocky gates of The Shire screaming about having an adventure. My temperance unconsciously fell away as I accepted that this day was going to be absolutely stunning and that I was living the adventure.

What would it feel like to have just a sliver of that excitement about each day? What would it look like if we got excited about the day’s potential. How different would today have been if you started with the idea that something great (if even just maybe) occur? Screw temperance, today is going to be magnificent.