Entry 7: Second to One

Which is greater 5 or 1? For the sake of this short thought I’m going to assume that you said five. Five dollars are more than one dollar, five miles are longer than one mile, and five years are longer than one year. I’m also going to make the assumption that first place is where you consider to be the best place and to be above the rest. It’s a natural thing for all humans. Who do you put first? I bet it’s yourself, I know I do. It’s an easy thing to do most of the time. But if five is so much greater than one, why do we put so much emphasis on being in first place? The answer is an obvious one but I’m assuming that you didn’t think about it when I first asked the question ‘which is greater?’. 

            If you got in a fight and had to defend yourself, which would you rather have as your weapon of choice an open hand (five fingers) or a single fist? I’m assuming that you would choose the fist because one punch will serve you greater than a slap in the face. In the same way one 100-dollar bill is greater than five 5-dollar bills and one mile is greater than 5 feet. You may think that this isn’t a fair comparison. To be truthful, you’re right, it really isn’t. 

            There is a reason we worship the one true God. Five is not always greater than one and when it comes down to a competition, you can’t really compare God to anything else because it’s just not fair. If the devil represents 5 pennies then God is one 100 dollar bill.  If the devil represents 5 feet then God is 1 mile. If the devil represents 5 spiders then God is 1 lion. 

            One who is with God is better than 5 on their own. It’s not a fair comparison and it’s not a fair fight. First place was determined thousands of years ago and to be entirely honest it wasn’t a fair fight even before that. Which will you choose? The devil can offer you 5+ years of earthly happiness, but God offers 1 eternity of joy. Five fingers or one fist? Who will you put first? I choose one and I am second to One.