Dad Swag: A Photo Story for Father’s Day

I’m willing to bet that you have a lot of stuff. If you took the time to sort through all of it, you would probably only find a few things you truly love. These are the items that either you most frequently use, are most often complimented for, or simply have a great story to accompany them.

Just like you, I have a set of things that meet all these requirements, except for one singular difference. They aren’t mine. Actually, they're my Dad's. 

Just this year, I’ve begun to realize how frequently I’m complimented on things that aren’t technically mine. It’s become such a prevalent issue that most of my friends start a compliment by asking me if the item was formerly my father’s. On one specific occasion I remember being able to answer “no” only to realize that though the tie clip I had just been noticed for was never my father's, it had formerly belonged to my Grandfather.

 At first, I noticed this with physical things such as my collection (AKA not mine) of jackets, driving gloves, or my camera strap, all formerly belonging to my Dad. But it wasn’t just the physical things.

When I truly stopped to think about it, I realized that I’m a lot less original than I would like to imagine. A lot of my habits can be attributed to my Dad. My taste in cars is almost directly correlates with my Dad. He even wore short shorts before I did! 

The point is that I owe a lot to my Dad (and Mom). So, I want to say thank you. Not just for the cool jackets, the unending desire to own a vintage BMW, and the incredibly good looks, but for everything else too.

You’re a legend Dad.

Happy Father’s Day,