Fresh Air

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign…” The words are music to my ears, a greater poem than any other. Their meaning? Today, I travel.

A lot of people hate the act of traveling, the destination is amazing, but getting there… not so much. The road trip is a burden and air travel a hassle. But I’m not most people. I love it all. From the vulgar rest stops to the unreasonably small peanut bags (average 28 peanuts, yes, I counted and I demand more) I adore travel.

 I hate to be another wanderlusting twenty-something, but I suppose I’m guilty. The privilege that we have to see the world in this time period is an extravagant one. The doors to the world have been open for the price of a boarding pass. Personally, I run through those doors as often as possible. On the other side lies the opportunity to learn.

I’ve always been a hands on learner. The act of doing has always been so much more engaging than alternate forms of learning. While with age, I have grown to love books; the kid in me still has to get his hands dirty. There is nothing like realizing how much you have left to learn about history by walking in the footsteps of those who created it or grasping just how little knowledge you have when you can’t converse in your mother tongue.

Traveling, however, isn’t only about learning, it’s about rejuvenation. New places are saturated with fresh air, the kind that you are unable to be found at the comfort of home. This realization stuck me once again as I returned from Panama last week. I felt so good. Everything had been so revitalizing. And I don’t mean just the time at the beach or the nice hotel. That rejuvenation included the times I bleached my arms to avoid scabies and the old chicken I accidentally bought because of a conversation riddled with broken Spanish. They were all separate inhales of fresh air.

On the last night of my trip, I stood on the roof of my hotel and observed the streets below. From my vantage point, I breathed in the fresh air. I didn't know when my next trip would be. That always makes the return even more of a challenge. All the same, I know I will be back. Back in the embrace of an airline seat where I will eat my peanuts (29 if I'm lucky) and remember to breathe the fresh air. 


You can find more about my travels last week on my youtube channel