Every Day Carry: Driving Gloves


Men have always had a special connection to the vehicles that transport them. Over the years we have seen this bond evolve from the relationship a man had with his horse, to the amount of time he might take naming his boat. The same type of relationship applies to men and their cars.

The car was something that every boy dreamed of; it was the ticket to freedom. The car could go fast and it could go far. As a young man, he likely took time washing it, naming it, and (when appropriate) cursing at it. But as time passed, the car became more mundane and driving more of a chore than an activity. What was once the ticket to freedom had become the thing you take to work. That’s where driving gloves come into play.

Driving gloves are an item for every day carry because they make driving fun again. A few pieces of stitched leather are all you need to get back in touch with that boyish feeling you had when you started driving. Personally, I wear the gloves for the same reason that I drive a manual; it makes me more connected to the car. The leather gives a better grip on the steering wheel and the stick shift, making the relationship just that much closer. There is also an obvious benefit in the winter, with the gloves adding a much-appreciated extra layer between your hands and the wheel; not to mention those times when you have to physically scrape the ice off your window. These, however, are only the obvious reasons. The reason I most value driving gloves is actually entirely different from the first two. It deals with what they prevent me from doing.