The Holy Grail and its Reasonably-Priced Alternative

The people of the world are forever talking about their dream car, home, or vacation. We, as humans, get so caught up in the idea of the epitome. What could I get if I won the lottery? Can I save enough to go to Thailand if I eat beans for a month? How many years would it take to pay off this loan? Everybody is out seeking this epitome, this Holy Grail, but then we forget what we can do right now.

I’ve always been a dreamer, probably more than most, but I can be reasonable too. Maybe it’s because my parents tried to raise me to be money conscious or maybe it’s just because I, like Macklemore, can’t stand paying $50 for a T-shirt. For these reasons, I’ve always had two sides to each dream, my “Holy Grail” and the reasonably priced alternative.

The first time I noticed this was when I started thinking about buying a car. I would have loved to get a brand new Jeep or to take after my Dad and get a BMW. I sought the Holy Grail right from the beginning. However, it was right around that time when the realist in me showed up. So, I set an attainable goal. It was still ambitious, but possible. I’ll save the story for another time, but after a few years and a series of fortunate events, I had my goal. She was a used Mustang GT and her name was Meredith.

The reality of achieving this goal grew to be nearly as rewarding as the car itself. It was a reality that I continued to pursue as I planned trips, opting for the less expensive options instead of the high class, and as I fueled my obsessions like coffee and watches. For now, there are definitely times when I indulge, but have I had any of my Holy Grails yet? No, or at least none of the expensive ones. What is important is that I do not feel held back just because of my financial situation. My dreams are still being realized while I wait for the pinnacle of my pursuits. And while I still dream about the Holy Grail, I don’t feel too bad about when I achieve my goal of the reasonably priced alternative.